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Rivers, oceans, and valleys.

Our founder James Ganino has always wanted to reduce his environmental footprint but found that many of the current solutions in the market were not sufficient and often making the problem worse. So James created ROV as a think tank to reevaluate, innovate, and create new products to help in tackling specific missions in reducing our individual environmental footprint.  To help in our missions we’ve created the #rovwithus movement to build a community and encourage others to join our missions.



#ROVwithus first mission is to tackle one of the leading causes of waste… Plastic Bags.  The current answer is to just replace the “disposable bag" with the “reusable bag.” But unfortunately the current solution “reusable bags” is now becoming an even bigger problem for our oceans and landfills than plastic bags.  As more people buy more reusable bags because they forget or lose them, most of them end up in our oceans and consist of 5 to 10 x more material than disposable bags.  So why aren’t they working?  The answer lies in what made disposable bags so popular to begin with…

Convenience. Disposable bags are “there when you need them and gone when you don’t”.  And Reusable bags require us to remember them and then carry them around all day.  There is nothing convenient about that and explains why we are running into so many problems. So, the solution isn’t just replacing the disposable with reusable. Having a wallet with you that easily converts into a bag when you need it and back into a wallet when you don’t, we think we’ve created the perfect tool for our community to finally end plastic bag waste without the hassle or creating more waste.  The ROV Wallet is the first of many environmental missions we want to tackle and with every new mission we will present new innovative products to help our community achieve them.


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