Why a wallet that turns into a bag?

Most of us don’t want to use plastic bags but struggle remembering to bring reusable bags, or just plain don’t like having to carry one around. The MBT Wallet-to-bag solves this by being something you always have on you, and turns into a bag when you need it. This offers you the same convenience as a plastic bag – there when you need it and gone when you don’t.

What material and fabric goes into the MBT wallet?

We are using high-end coated ripstop nylons to make the MBT wallet. The same materials used to make weight-bearing hammocks and lightweight hiking packs.These fabrics are very thin and ultra lightweight but highly abrasion resistant and can support over 100 lbs. If there is a tear in the fabric, it can be easily patched up with one of our custom patches. The result is a wallet that is thinner than most leather wallets and more durable than most reusable bags. For the fabric itself, we are using recycled ripstop, and will soon be partnering with larger manufacturers to source their manufacturing discards as well. Eventually, we will be creating our own fabric from ocean plastic collected directly from problem areas.

How easy is it to unfold and fold up the MBT wallet?

We spent over a year & half designing the MBT wallet to be very easy to use. It can be folded out and unfolded in seconds. After a couple tries, it becomes second nature.

How do cards and money not fall out when it becomes a bag?

When folded over, the flap goes over the front of the wallet and attaches by velcro. This all gets tucked into the bag, safely securing the contents of the wallet out of sight.

How do I access my wallet when carrying the bag?

The contents of the wallet are easily accessible when used as a bag even while wearing it. You simply reach into the top part of the bag and flip the wallet out, open the protective flap and grab what you need. When done, close the flap and flip it back into the bag.

Is the wallet weather proof?

The fabrics we are using are water resistant. The bag does have an opening at the top so you will want to avoid liquid coming in from that area.