let's protect our oceans

The MBT wallet-to-bag


Most of us would prefer not to use a disposable bag. 

We never seem to have a reusable one on us though. This is why we added a reusable bag into something we always have on us – our wallet. The MBT wallet becomes a bag when you need one, and back to a wallet when you don't.


• Wallet tucks securely into bag for easy access when you’re on the go.

• Extremely tough coated nylon reinforcements.

• 4 card slots with a bi-fold design for cash.

• Mil-Spec velcro on all closures for durability and security.

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All Videos


We want to encourage people to use an MBT products so we can make ubiquitous plastic bag trash, not ubiquitous.  We understand people don't need another lecture, they need useful products they can easily apply to their lives.

We see lessening the damage to the environment as a noble cause worthy of our complete attention. We see the best way forward is to create innovative things people want to use.


Prisoners of ease

Many of us have been using plastic bags all of our lives.  A big reason is the plastic bag industry has spent big money on lobbyists to continue pumping bags into our environment.


Scientists estimate that every square mile of ocean contains about 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. What a bummer.

Roughly 80 percent of those bags were used in North America and Western Europe. Every year over 18 BILLION pounds of plastic goes into our oceans. 

Luckily, people are beginning to realize the impact these little bits of plastic are having.

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